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Price Lock Guarantee

  1. Smart Virtual Office Singapore is the first and only Virtual Office Provider in the world that has offered this price lock guarantee on our Virtual Office Plans. Each client will be issued a certificate of guarantee stating the locked price of the client. This is a life time price lock , irregardless of the current price of the service as shown on the website!
  2. As some of the services are in partnership with other service providers. We are unable to guarantee the locking of prices from them. This offer is only for services that are offered directly from Smart Virtual Office Singapore


Our Guarantees:

lowest price guarantee

money back guarantee

Refund Policy

If after you purchase our service within 30 days and you feel for any reason that it fails to live up to our promises, or even if it does and you change your mind, simply write in to us, and we will immediately give you a 100% refund of the purchase price,

price lock guarantee